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Thursday, September 25, 2008

You Have Not Published in Science Journals Therefore You Can Have No Opinion

(insert name), are you saying that you *haven't* yet written your finding up and submitted it to any scientific journal yet, or applied to discuss it at conferences, or went on the seminar circuit? What are you waiting for and why are you wasting your time arguing with some silly science journalist? Your finding that the run-up in CO2, CH4, and other levels of GHGs is *not* of human origin is ground-breaking and of enormous significance to the field! Really, it will overthrow decades of work done by hundreds of scientists. They need to know, quickly, about your discovery. Places like the AAAS's ScienceExpress exist specifically to get important results like this out to the scientific community as soon as possible. I encourage you to write up your paper and submit it there pronto.