David Appell is a full time blog troll who claims man is responsible for global warming. He has a Google alert to tell him when any blogger posts on the issue of anti man made global warming. He makes it his mission in life to combat any claims to the contrary of his AGW world view. He believes President Bush is the spawn of Satan and hates "warrantless" wire taps but has no problem with the totalitarian environmental movement. This is a compilation of all of his usual responses on blogs.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

President Bush is Satan and You are Stupid

Your civil and constitutional rights have been restricted and taken away more by the Bush administration in the last 7 years than anything any climate activist has ever proposed. But instead of focusing on wiretapping, corporate collusion with government, imprisonment without habeus corpus, or the president's "right" to torture you in secret, you're upset because you might have to pay $2 more a month for clean electricity. That's extremely short-sighted and foolish.